Top Blogs for Hockey News

Are you wondering what would be the best blogs for hockey news? Do you wish to know more about the nicks and knacks of the hockey world? There are so many blogs on hockey and its happenings. Not all of these blogs are scintillating and interesting. In fact, some of these blogs are obsolete too! If you are looking for best hockey blogs, you should be in one of the following sites.

#1 Puck Daddy

The list of best blogs for hockey begins with “Puck Daddy”. This is a NHL edited blog that gets posted in Yahoo. The blog is edited by world famous Greg Wyshynski. Puck Daddy is filled with fantasy games, comprehensive news articles, rumors, standings, scores and many more details about hockey. It is one of the finest blogs in the industry. Above all, the blogs are updated on a daily basis. This means you will have up-to-date information at all times.

#2 From the Rink

Another interesting blog from a world famous journalist would be “From the Rink”. This blog is worded by James Mirtle. Over the years, James Mirtle has acquired a strong name in the world of hockey. He is recognized as a hockey journalist with great insight into the game.

#3 Kuklas Korner

If you are looking for a blog that is dedicated to hockey and NHL, you should visit “Kuklas Korner”. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone tells you that this blog is updated every minute. Indeed, Kuklas Korner is updated round the clock. It has a unique team of bloggers. Above all, the blog features some of the best hockey writings in the internet. The Kuklas team strives hard to provide you with up-to-date news. They are always excited to delight you with breaking hockey news. As it happens, the blog gets updated.

#4 The Slapshot: NY Times Hockey Blog

A newbie in the list of best blogs for hockey news would be “The Slapshot: NY Times Hockey Blog”. Just like Kuklas Korner, this blog follows the sport carefully. It has details of everything that happens in the game. Hockey writers update the blog frequently. Also, you will get details of what is happening in NHL.

The Others

Few more interesting names in the list of top blogs for hockey news would be “Illegal Curve”, “Battle of Cali”, “On Frozen Blog”, “Fire Bettman” and “The Hockey Writers”. These blogs are great places for you get some latest headlines on hockey.