Mario Lemieux – How to get his throwback jersey

Do you spend several hours online, looking for Mario Lemieux’s throwback jersey? Do you want to add more treasures to your hockey collection? Pucks, jerseys and trading cards are common items in the collectibles of hockey fans. If you are unable to find Mario Lemieux’s throwback jersey, you have not searched hard. The best place to spot all old hockey relics would be “eBay”. It is quite interesting to note that eBay has antique collections like Wayne Gretzky’s Indianapolis Racers Jersey and Teemu Selanne’s Winnipeg Jets Jersey too! With this being said, eBay is the best place for throwback jerseys from starts like Mario Lemieux.

The Star!

Mario Lemieux is a start player in hockey. He is admired and followed by several million hockey fans. He is deeply loved for his classic hockey skills. This is one of the major reasons behind the need for Mario Lemieux jerseys. Manufacturers and sellers claim that the demand for Mario Lemieux jerseys is never low. As a result, you will find his jersey in many styles, sizes and designs.

Best Places to Get Throwback Jerseys

Apart from eBay, there are many online stores in Mario Lemieux throwback jerseys. For example, Sportsk (affiliate commission note) has some of his classic jersey designs. As you invest on these jerseys, you will pay respect to the star’s legendary moments and classic shots. Regardless of how many years pass by, these jerseys will be a tribute to his amazing games. Some fans believe that there are very few players as fine as Mario Lemieux. This is why his jersey would be their all-time favorite collection.

The Game

Mario Lemieux was a key player for Penguins. When he helped the team triumph in 2000-2001, he gave Penguins a roaring entry into NHL. Mario Lemieux was able to score 76 points in less than 43 games. Though the team’s official captain was Jaromir Jagr, Lemieux was allowed to wear a “C” in his jersey. This proved Lemieux’s impact in the game. Sooner, he became captain of team North America. What more would be the best way to remember this magical season of Penguins, than to own Mario Lemieux’s striking jersey?

Throwback jerseys of Mario Lemieux are priced between 30 USD to 250 USD! The best deals are seen all year round. So, be alert and keep browsing through eBay and other online hockey sites for Lemieux’s jerseys.

Evgeni Malkin Jersey For Sale!

Over the years, hockey has turned into a much loved and watched game. It is famous amongst the young and the old. When it comes to hockey, some players have ruled the industry incredibly. Some players are much more popular than the rest. They have established a strong career right from the start. Pittsburgh Penguin’s alternate captain – Evgeni Malkin is extremely popular amongst hockey fans. The Russian star has made many killer strikes and is famous for his one-of-a-kind moves. He has supported Pittsburgh Penguins see many victories and bag plenty of trophies between 2009 and 2012. There’s a reason he’s so awesome, and the following video is one of those reasons:

Malkin’s #71
The demand for Evgeni Malkin Jersey for sale has increased in the past few years. More and more fans are asking for their star’s memorabilia. If you are hunting for Evgeni Malkin’s jerseys, consider yourself as lucky. There are so many online websites with his jerseys and other items. These items will be a great inclusion in your sports memorabilia collections. Indeed, what could be better than a signed jersey from Evgeni Malkin? Most online stores are very careful with the way they stitch the star’s jerseys. They have designers to customize the jersey to exact specifications. Ardent fans who are ready to pay few extra dollars will get hold of Evgeni Malkin’s iconic #71 jersey.

A Remarkable Journey
Evgeni Malkin has a very good name in the world of hockey. His dominance in ice is seen very clearly. Above all, he has established himself as a wonderful player at a young age. There are very few hockey players, who have reached such heights at Malkin’s age. With Malkin’s help, Penguin was able to win for many years. As mentioned previously, the team coveted plenty of awards in the coming years. This increased Malkin’s value. According to experts, Malkin’s value is likely to rise in the years to come too! If you are a great fan of the game, you should invest on Evgeni Malkin’s jersey. The signed jersey will be a wonderful inclusion into your collection of hockey memorabilia. These jerseys celebrate the young star’s game and skill. Evgeni Malkin autographed jerseys, photos and pucks can be bought from many online stores. The online stores will let you change the item’s color, logo and size too.
Malkin is a much valued player in NHL. He has established a phenomenal career in the game. So, don’t miss out one of Malkin’s memorabilia in your hockey collection. Click here to get his Jersey on Amazon and please stay tuned for the best prices on NHL gear available on the web!